There’s nothing better than a solid tweet that just floats in your consciousness and makes room in your head, where it will live rent free for the foreseeable future.

And it makes such a good and respectful tenet that you have to pass it along to your friends so that it can also live in their heads, and the cycle continues for as long as it has to. And you can grow old bonding over your shared tweet, which lives in your head, even if God forbid there comes a day in which it no longer lives on the internet itself.

That’s the mark of a truly good tweet. Here are some like that right now!

10. Don’t flake out

Don’t care, sounds like a good time.

9. Keep it clean

The weird thing is this is probably actually on its way.

8. Spice it up

Tonight’s gonna get a little more wild than expected.

7. Take a break

This is the way to true productivity.

6. Bottled up

In this house we share our resources, what’s mine is yours.

5. Double trouble

Most shocking moment of my young life.

4. All in moderation

Gotta keep those vampires away somehow.

3. Dog days

Sounds perfectly legit to me.

2. Live Mas

May your fourth meal be the best meal.

1. Keep it running

That’s wonderful and also no.

All of those memes are gonna live in my head. Until I run out of room. At which point I guess some will need to move to, like, my pancreas.

Who are your favorite people on Twitter?

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