Oh Twitter, what would I do without you? Be productive? Do my work? Clean my apartment? Get back in contact with loved ones?

That all sounds lame. I’d much rather scroll endlessly through the strangeness scape that is Twitter. Especially now that they’ve sort of done some housecleaning of their own. Without the absolute worst bottom 5% of users or so, it’s all in all a much more pleasant place to be. It’s easier to find cool and funny tweets, like these ones here.

12. 101 demands

Also you might wanna just go ahead and organize some protests against the fur industry.

11. Dang libs

The bald hypocrisy and apathy is just absolutely stunning.


10. Among gus

It’s darker than you could possibly imagine.


9. How the cookie crumbles

You monster – that’s the most evil thing I can imagine.

8. What gives?

“I am so firing our travel agent.” – birds who still have travel agents, I guess.

7. Mind the gap

You know that’s how we do.

6. Incorporeal hotness

It’s a beauty that surpasses even my understanding.

5. Valentimes

Time to get involved in everybody’s business!

4. Level up!

Wake me when it’s time for the twos.

3. Babe?

This is it, this wins, the meme is over now.

2. Stay with me

You’ll never leave…not while I have anything to say about it.


1. In theory

You laugh but I’ve heard people really say crap like this.

I can’t imagine what I would do without Twitter, and I don’t have to, because it’s here.

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