There’s a social sentiment as of late that attempts to describe what being a “real man” is are pretty sophomoric and silly, if not straight-up just used to mock and abuse anyone who dares stray from path of some narrow idea of masculinity.

So, what DOES it mean to be a “real man?” Is that a thing that even makes sense? Does it even have a definition? My take is: probably not. But there is a sort of feeling you can get, where you have the sensation of fulfillment, or that you’ve truly come into your own identity in a complete and satisfying way. That feeling knows no bounds of gender, but if you happen to be a dude, “feeling like a real man” seems as good a way as any to express it.

Here’s what brought on that feeling for a few guys.

10. A double header

“She’s my girlfriend now.”

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9. Housewarming

MAN, that must be nice.

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8. All the furnishings

That sticker shock is really something else though.

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7. Serious business

Kind of amazes me we’re still doing this much jet-setting around when we can easily video conference.

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6. If I may inject

I feel ya, dude. Every time I get blood drawn I immediately feel like I’m gonna pass out.

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5. Jack of all Trades

But are you the master of any?

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4. Soldier on

Thank you for your service.

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3. Trudge back

It may not sound like much, but you have no idea how painful that can be.

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2. Movin’ out

And movin’ on.

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1. A sporting chance

Um, are you talking about the Olympics?

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Good vibes all around.

What made you feel like you’d really come into your own?

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