You might have heard the statistic that about half of all marriages end in divorce.

But strangely enough, a couple of things have been coinciding over the last few decades:
1) Cultural acceptance of divorce has gone up
2) Divorce rates have gone down

Why? Well one decent guess would be that younger generations feel less of a need to rush into marriage. If you’re not getting married until you’re really sure you’re ready for it, then you’re less likely to split up.

Of course, it still happens, and it’s very often accompanied by an awful custody battle. And far from the cultural assumption that those are things that always land in a woman’s favor, they really can go either way for a number of reasons.

13. “Being a bad mom.”

Gotta be impossible.

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12. “Women’s rights”

It’s a matter of the particulars of your case.
Hopefully a judge assessed those particulars carefully.

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11. “My soon to be ex”

What a terrible feeling it must be.

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10. “I have to move out.”

Finding new depths of strength.

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9. “All because I’m in a same sex relationship.”

God, I hope that’s not true.

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8. “Sinking into a pit.”

One that’ll be hard to get out of.

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7. “A big shot attorney”

It is wildly unjust how much “justice” money can buy.

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6. “I had an abusive boyfriend.”

Is that something that can get better sorted now?

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5. “Too scared to do a test”

I hope you can beat the addiction!

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4. “Major depressive disorder”

The darkest dark.

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3. “Run away again.”

That’s a HUGE gap of time.

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2. “Don’t think it can’t happen.”

It can; it does.

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1. “Fighting over custody for 2 years.”

How exhausting.

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My heart goes out to everybody stuck in a custody battle, or feeling the effects. Hard to imagine a worst kind of pain.

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