Anxiety can be a bit of motherfucker, and many deal with it every single day. In fact, some days it feels pretty overwhelming just living in your own skin.

Basically, some days you can overcome it. Other days, not so much.

If you’re like a lot of folks, and deal with anxiety on the daily… you can relate to these 11 memes.

1. I would pay serious money for this

2. I question this often

3. And I still get it wrong

4. Finally, an answer

5. 24/7

6. I want this shirt

7. Oh, I care

8. I feel seen

9. Quiet, anxiety, I’m trying to sleep

10. This is why I get my groceries delivered

11. Be cool. No one will notice.

We have to use humor to get through the tough times, and you know that your anxiety-ridden friends will enjoy these. So please feel free to share.

Also, we want to know your faves in the comments! Don’t be shy!