We enjoyed eight seasons of fantastical creatures, epic battles, insane sex, amazing special effects and some of the most outstanding production design of any television or movie ever.

I mean, weren’t we all Sarah Paulson having a few too many Wildfire cocktails and singing the theme song?

And yes, we feel conflicted.

Season eight was consistently inconsistent, none of us really liked how Daenerys, and Bran the Broken as the new King?

Ohhhhkayyyyy… we guess?

But let’s not worry about all that right now. Let’s celebrate the ending the way we always do. By second guessing it and coming up with our own!

To the tweets!

Maybe it would have been better with a John Hughes ending?

And a lot of people wanted this to happen, but Jon wasn’t fireproof like Dany. Sorry fan family!

Didn’t we actually get this ending, though?

Oh sh^t! Power couple FTW!

The Wire + Game of Thrones = ???

The comedically short ending!

This is legit the ending I wanted. If Dany is gonna go mad… GO FULL TARGARYEN!

No. I can’t do this to Arya’s epic win.

The Newhart ending!

The Night King was trying to kill himself? Nahhhhh…

And Ghost is the best doggo in the Seven Kingdoms!

George! You holding out on us?!

The Kingslayer indeed

Good job everybody. I’m officially impressed.

Now then… what will the Game of Thrones spinoff series be? Arya on the high seas? A prequel set thousands of years in the past?

Tell us HBO! We want to know!!!