As a Millennial, it often strikes me that I belong to the last generation in history that will have ever known a pre-internet world.

I mean, sure, by the time I was born the invention known as the “internet” technically already existed, but practically no one had access to it and those who did tended to be specialists navigating an extremely limited and niche cyberspace. My family didn’t have a computer in the house until I was 10 and I don’t think we had broadband until I was like 15.

The point is, I was there for it. The true growth of the internet. Its infancy. And the infancy of memes. Many of which starred actual people, who are like, still out there living their lives, which is almost surreal?

Here are just 10 examples.

10. Chloe (last name unknown)

AKA “Side-Eyeing Chloe.”

9. Michael McGee

AKA “Trying to Hold a Fart Next To A Cute Girl in Class…Kid.”

8. Laina Morris

AKA “Overly Attached Girlfriend.”

7. Kyle Craven

AKA “Bad Luck Brian.”

6. Blake Boston

AKA “Scumbag Steve.”

5. Nick Young

AKA “Confused Nick.”

4. Kayode Ewumi

AKA “Roll Safe.”

3. Sam Griner

AKA “Success Kid.”

2. Zoe Roth

AKA “Disaster Girl.”

1. Silvia Bottini

AKA “First World Problems.”

Seems like it would be quite the blessing and the curse to become a living meme like that. At least they’ll forever be a part of internet history.

Are you old enough to remember a pre-internet world? How do you think it was different?

Tell us in the comments.