You ready to feel good, but also you’re terribly lonely?

Never fear! There are plenty of non-sexual thrills available to you and yours. Like the ones in this Reddit thread:

What is the best non-sexual pleasure or sensation a human can experience?
byu/neeluxmth26 inAskReddit

What’s good? Let’s find out.

1. Water, water everywhere.

Water coming out of your ear after it’s been stuck there for a bit.

– eeenrose

2. Sweet dreams.

Finally getting in the exact right position you need to sleep and not needing to pee

– grey_is_tired

3. SWEETER dreams.

Fresh bedsheets

– afarfan

4. Number two feeling.

Taking a smooth, efficient, clean poop.

– stink3rbelle

5. So thirsty.

Waking up at 3 am with massive thirst and then you take that nice, cold and godly sip of water!

– AfraidTomato

6. Getting a head.

Head massage.

Even those wire “hands” you can get to do it yourself feel amazing.

– Penske1

7. Warm up.

Taking a hot shower when you are cold.

That feeling is amazing!

– catniss29

8. Finally!

Getting that popcorn kernel out of your teeth

– awork98

9. Blow it off.

Farting away a stomach ache

– D00NL

10. That’s the stuff.

Deep tissue massage when your muscles are stiff.

It’s like heaven.

– Herecomethefleet

11. We’ve reached it!

Scratching a hard to get to itch.

Orgasmic omg

– Snarkybish03

12. A-choo to you!


I love sneezing.

– MercyCriesHavoc

13. Play away.

Having someone play with your hair…omg tingles thinking about it?

– hopeless_wanderer44

14. A light touch.

Having your back gently tickled

– Optimal-Spare

15. The what now?

The pee shivers.

– shamrockin1974

We can all feel good now and then if we just know where to look!

What would you add to this list?

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