When you’re in high school or middle school or even college, there are some people who are so untouchably popular that their fall from grace can seem almost impossible.

…right up until it happens.

What made the popular guy/girl lose their popularity?
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Here are fifteen stories from Reddit of popular guys who came pariahs real fast.

1. The Class Clown

Him and another kid from our school got busted for picking up two middle school girls from the local mall and taking them to a motel.

He used to be the class clown and on the announcements and everything, but the dude was an untouchable from then on. I don’t even remember if he graduated.

– stardenia

2. The Thief

Wouldn’t say he was “popular” as this was college, but everyone knew him and he well liked. All around really friendly, the life of the party, and just a very open person.

He stole money from A LOT of people and it was all at once.

So it was a film school. We were on a project filing at a house. The bottom floor, which was just a room and the garage, is where people stored all their stuff, like book bags and equipment that was not currently being used. This guy went through everyones stuff and stole any cash he could find. I lost only 5 bucks- though when I got home that night and couldn’t do laundry I was a bit peeved- but some kids lost hundreds. There were people always coming and going in that space and it was only the crew so no one thought the stuff was unsafe down there.

I was down there at some point just taking a snack break with another person and saw him going through bags. He made up some BS that he was looking for his friends bag and her car keys. At the time I believed him and didn’t think anything more of it till it came out that people were missing money.

He was of course found out bc I was not the only one who saw him rifling through stuff, and it turned out he was a serious drug addict. I’m talking heroin drug addict, they found his stash when going through his dorm room. He was dismissed from the school and that’s the last I heard of him. Wonder what happened to him… Also never got my 5 bucks back.

– Stayinschool-tt

3. The Wounded

A popular boy cried in class during a discussion about a recent tragedy because someone that was close to him died in said tragedy. He got relentlessly bullied for the short time afterward that he was at that school. He was a good kid that didn’t deserve any of that.

I really hate middle school kids sometimes.

– Absolutephycopath

4. The Prankster

He was popular for doing dumb pranks and shit. He had a devil may care attitude to everything, and was Really Attractive. That wasn’t the reason he was popular, but it helped.

Then he sprayed his displeasure over his recent break up with his well liked girlfriend, who was a kind soul, on her car with spray paint.

Suddenly he lost his crew, because they felt it was too far. He also rendered himself undateable because he had proved he was unstable and jealous. He literally went from a God to “that creep”

– Theranos_offical

5. The Punk

He was popular among the group of people he was associated with, I don’t think he was super popular or anything. Punk/grunge kid.

All his popularity went out the window when he went out the window of his car, after he crashed it into a building because he was huffing paint and speeding down the road with one of the “groups'” popular girls.

Thankfully she survived, but from what I recall he wasn’t remembered so fondly after that.

– Spacemage

6. The Cameraman

Kid made a video for a school project, which he played in front of the class….project video ended and cut to him beating his meat.

He was a freshman, he spent the remainder of HS known only as “ the cameraman “.

– bigby424

7. The Casanova

This senior got suspended cause he f*cked a freshman in the parking lot

– diedtaco

8. The Addict

Word got out that this kid stole from his grandparents for drug money

– Linzer333

9. The Chaser

He got super high one night. Got in his car with his friends. They thought they were getting chased by the police, ended up losing control of their car and drove it through someone’s house. He lost one of his fingers in the accident but fortunately no one else was seriously harmed. They were all removed from the baseball (etc.) teams that they were on.

– acoolglassofwater

10. The Assaulter

He whipped his d*ck out during class and put it on the shoulder of the girl who was sitting in the desk in front of him.

He got kicked out immediately and I believe charges pressed for sexual assault. We were a couple of weeks from graduating too.

– AHumanPotato

11. The It-Kid

Freshman year of high school. Very popular guy who was the it-kid freshman phenom WR on a nationally ranked team.

We were all leaving class one day. He randomly decided it was a good idea to make fun of a very well-loved handicapped guy who was dying of his condition (some advanced form of water on the brain if I remember correctly) and even decided to punch him. This knocked the poor kid to the ground.

About 10 guys immediately jumped him. A shop teacher saw it (the WR getting his) happen and let it continue for a minute before stopping things. Mr. Popular got quite messed up in that short window.

Kicked off team. Expelled. Moved schools in a move that I’m guessing was a way to start over at a new school??? Never heard from him again.

Went from pep rally king to degenerate outcast in 5 minutes. I had a front row seat and was one of 50+ who testified to the school admins.

The victim passed away later that school year from his condition. You almost never heard him speak, but when he did he was always kind and thoughtful.

– Ponchoreborn

12. The Criminal

Guy wasn’t exactly extremely popular to begin with… but was well known.

He punched some girl at my school in the face for no reason at a concert.

Shortly after this, there was news that he rolled his brand new Camaro going 95 in a 45. This caused him and another guy at our school a lot of injuries. His friend lost his entire ear in the accident. Oh and this was right after they stole beer from Kroger… they were drunk driving.

Anyways, people kept their distance after this.

– TheP**nC**n

13. The Athlete

tall, good looking, foreign exchange student showed up one year with a killer smile and some impressive soccer skills. Never thought I’d see school girls giggle and follow around boys in a crowd like they do in TV shows but this guy made it happen.

He abruptly stopped showing up one day after a few months.

Don’t know 100% what happened, but the rumor was that he got sent back for putting some pretty serious racist symbols in a poetry/art project thinking it would be a funny joke.

– HornedTwiddle

14. The Richie Rich

He was a new kid but due to his looks, parents wealth, and sports aptitude he quickly became popular. Then he made the mistake of bullying a harmless kid who was on the spectrum and was basically the football teams lucky charm.

They did not take kindly to that and he went from being the next big thing to being that kid no one wanted to talk to and he had to basically bribe people to keep them around.

– amalgamas

15. The…Um…

He f*cked a dog

– thompsonm1a1

Welp. I’d like to know nothing more about that last one, please.

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