In even the best of films, there are pieces that are annoying and out of place, but when Twitter user @jazzy_inmypants asked people to share their favorite (aka the most irritating), people really came through.

I mean, they’re kind of petty AF but they came through.

Be warned – after you read the 15 details below, you’ll never be able to unsee them!

15. Huh. How did he age?

14. Seriously that man would have been bounding to work if I were her.

13. How old IS he?

12. He had a son?

11. That is some lax discipline.

10. This has bothered me since I was a kid.

9. In the immortal words of Elaine Benes “just because he’s wearing sunglasses he looks alive?”

8. Seriously I’m fine if my kids never see this.

7. A question for the ages.

6. Lazy writing, for sure.

5. Well I mean he didn’t want to become king like THAT.

4. I’ve always thought this was effed up.

3. Yeah no way that’s an accident.

2. What if she had never gotten sick?

1. I never really wanted to think about that this hard.

Don’t let little things ruin a great movie, though – everyone makes mistakes!