Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books that you read as a child? The ones where you read a couple of chapters and then had to choose if you wanted to eat this or that, go here or there, or say one of two things and then flip to an assigned page?

It was fun because you got to sort of write your own story, and also because it was a couple of books in one, if you went back and made different choices along the way.

Well, in that vein of fun comes a Twitter thread that allows you to “work” as Beyonce’s assistant for a day, and see whether you can survive for Day 2 or you get fired along the way.

Spoiler alert: most of us can’t hack it.

Come, take the journey with me…we’ll see how long or short that is in a minute.

I pick…the healthy breakfast.

I’m pretty sure it’s Blue. Let’s go with that.

Next up, some fun to pass the time…

Swimming? I really have no idea.

Woot, not fired yet! But what do we do about her hair?

I say make them wait. She’s the Queen!

Annnnnd I’m fired.

Go give it a try yourself – I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty fun.

Especially since you’re not getting real fired.