Alright, I’m going to lead you through an exercise here, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to go along with it, because I can’t actually see or hear you. Ready? Think of your big sexual fantasy. That scenario you’ve always wanted but never had. Now imagine it ACTUALLY happens. What’s the aftermath, if any? That’s the conversation that got sparked by user ZER0SE7ENONETH when they posted this NSFW question to r/AskReddit:

Everyone’s sexual fantasy comes true tonight. Forgot technicalities. What does the world look like tomorrow?
byu/ZER0SE7ENONETH inAskReddit

At the time of writing there are well over 8,000 comments on the post, and they range from the cute to the funny to the bizarre to the sincerely disturbing.

1. A lot of the responses were simple and adorable.

Well first of all I’d get to hold hands with my crush.

– Booms777

2. If we’re just thinking about our own consequences, and we’re not too wild, it’s all good.

My world consists of me and my girlfriend living in a studio apartment, a huge thunderstorm outside, and cuddling while watching Netflix.

– Iso-LowGear

3. Things might also be fine if you’re a little…eccentric.

My sexual fantasy is that endless money comes out of my vagina and everyone leaves me alone so ya girl is living boujie

– theunknown195

4. But if everyone’s fantasy comes true?

Eye contact will disappear quicker than the hand shake

– theMothmom

5. God only knows the types of things we’d see.

At least one guy would empty the wonder bread isle.

– Raytist

6. There are mental images I don’t need.

Imagine the apocalypse but it’s full of semen

– pether_nortal

7. I’m not entirely sure what some of these mean but I like them?

I’m seeing an anime civil rights movement approaching

– jackodete

8. Then someone pointed out that fictional characters would come into existence.

Gonna be hard to explain the sudden fictional characters roaming the streets…and there will probably be some weirdo who’s trying to do nasty things to Godzilla or something.

So… the world would collapse instantly.

– Wolvesrfun

9. And a new post-apocalyptic fiction sub-genre was born.

Normal people still roam the earth, but only the ones who had been fantasized about.

Non-horny people that were fantasized about but not forced into some weird dream would have to carry the weight of society.

Plumbers, mechanics, doctors would regularly get stopped for “favors”. Students would line up to bribe their attractive teachers. Football teams. is the new currency.

Dungeons everywhere.

Copies of every celebrity in various shapes and forms.

No one would never run out of steam, nothing would never get monotonous. The train just keeps coming.

Creatures and tentacle aliens invade the earth.

Heroes across the earth would be saving the world day in and day out.

– Based_God_Alpha

10. Annnnd we’re in full-on novelist mode.

The year is 2030. I am the last human on earth. 10 years ago, on the night of April 26, 2020, everyone’s sexual fantasies can true. What sounds like a pretty funny and awkward scenario was apocalyptic. Tentacle monsters. Human-animal hybrids. Eldritch gods. Anything remotely sexual just ‘became’, and humanity was all but extinguished. I was spared only because I had no fantasy. I had no way to die.

I’m now part of a small settlement as it’s only human resident. Most of the people living here are Catgirls, copies of Brad Pitt and some of the less violent furries. Everyday we fight to survive, to find food, water, medicine. Avoiding the abominations that roam the wasteland and gangs of Kardashians, Instagram influencers and pornstars.

Maybe, one day, humanity might return. Maybe this whole thing is a dream. But if I know one thing… it’s that human desire… human desire never changes.


And with that I think we’ve got the makings of a new cinematic universe, so, time to get cracking on a screenplay treatment, I guess.

What do YOU think would happen in this scenario?

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