People who spend any time at all working in customer service deserve all of the booze and way more money than they’ll ever get paid. Most of us do it, at one point or another (and I’d argue that everyone should), whether we really like it or not.

If you’ve ever worked in customer service, or are currently doing your due diligence, you’re really going to feel these 12 memes.

12. Unless you want some really bad karma, don’t.

Also literally everyone inside will hate you.

11. We all know this face.

It’s standard issue, I think.

10. How do you seriously not know that?

Why are you even there?

9. You can’t help it! This is the face.

You’d think people would learn but they don’t.

8. I mean breaks are legally required, so.

What do you want me to do I can’t break the law.

7. No one is going to turn off that machine.

Certainly not if it’s making money!

6. They’re so callous about it, too!

Also this Newman face is just perfect.

5. Math is no bueno.

Just keep your change to yourselves, people!

4. Do the people in Publix even wear blue?

I guess all customer service reps look alike?

3. Why are people like this?

How hard is it to say hello?

2. You have to do the face and everything.

Talk less, smile more.

1. I’m aging as we speak.

Somehow it doesn’t affect them, though.

These take me back, y’all!

What was the worst part about working with the public, for you? Tell us in the comments!