Valentine’s Day is like tax day. You know it’s coming. You know it’s right around the corner.

And you know what that means: many folks will be dressed to the nines and living it up with their significant other while another portion of the population will be living the single life.

If you’re single and you know what February 14 is gonna look like this year, you should keep on scrolling through this list.

These memes really hit the mark about being single on the sexiest of all holidays.

1. A lot of us!

Basically, all of us, really.

Photo Credit: someecards

2. The master plan.

Genius level thinking right here

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3. Let’s clear it up.

I can spend that money on something else. Just lmk. kthxbai.

Photo Credit: someecards

4. Yes, I know the date.

And it is that date right there.

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5. That’s a bummer.

But what’s worst… thinking you’re going to get something and not… or knowing you won’t?

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6. Take it inside.

Just don’t subject us to any of that, please.

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7. Even the milk has a date!

Thanks milk! Thanks a lot!

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8. NOT going all-out.

Oh my… who does the first thing? Digits please…

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9. Let’s delete it once and for all.

Please? Pretty please? With romance not on top?

Photo Credit: Twitter

10. Startin’ some drama.

That’s just what we do!

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11. One hell of a plan.

I mean, every night ends like that, so…

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Funny, accurate…and perhaps a little sad. The truth hurts!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Are you rolling solo or taking your best guy or gal out to a nice dinner? Tell us what you’re doing on February 14 in the comments!