Are you the type of person who likes to stay in on a Friday night with your phone instead of going out on the town? Or perhaps you simply like to be alone with your thoughts for a few hours and escape from how hectic the world can get.

No matter what type of introvert you are, these tweets are sure to turn you on.

1. A wave is worth 1,000 words.

2. The three best words in the English language.

3. No one to steal your seat.

4. You feel like a genius.

5. Finally…

Photo Credit: Twitter: @Frogerta

6. When the roomies are out of town.

7. It’s like it just magically appears.

8. Endless possibilities.

9. Party of one, please.

10. I’m undefeated.

11. Anything is just a click away.

12. Truly meditative.

Photo Credit: Twitter: @ToniQueene

13. Oh, boy. This list has us all hot and bothered.