Ireland Baldwin is a model and actor who was basically born into the Los Angeles entertainment industry. The daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger (she sometimes goes by Ireland Basinger Baldwin), Ireland never stood too much of a chance of avoiding the limelight.

She doesn’t seem to mind it much, spending her time between gigs slaying on Instagram where she has over six hundred thousand followers.

Here she is um…doing whatever this is:

But of course, she has her significantly more glamorous moments:

She is, for the most part, just being 25 and playing the hand she’s been dealt quite well.

But remember, if you’re even a little bit famous, you’ve gonna get followed. And not just on social media where you control the output. There’s an entire industry of people whose job it is to wander around taking pictures of known names minding their own business and trying to turn it into a story. All too often, that story becomes “Look! A famous person looking less than flawless! What a scandal!”

The people peddling these stories know that it’s not really news, but they also know that there is – for whatever reason – a market for it. Ireland grabbed one example of a “story” that had recently broken about her…wearing a swimsuit at a beach.

“Remember people! Lighting is everything and the media always wants to make people look like sh*t if they can,” she says in her Instagram caption, “So bored and tired of the body shaming. Don’t we have enough going on in the world? How do people still have time to cut others down?”

“Also I have razor bumps for days. I don’t have 6 pack abs…and I am as white as snow and I don’t give a f***************ck. Let’s find better hobbies and encourage body positivity.”

Honestly, Ireland, couldn’t agree more. Let’s DO find some better hobbies. Also that cookie looks delicious.

What better hobbies have you been up to lately?

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