Problem: you want to have nice things, but you can’t have nice things, because nice things cost money, and you don’t have money.

It’s an issue that has plagued humankind ever since we decided to start using money, which is considered by many to have been a bad move. But, since we’re stuck with it for the time being, I guess we’re all just forced to pine and digitally window shop for fashion and accessories that make our wallets cry.


There’s a new DIY trend sweeping TikTok in which people who are good at this sort of thing demonstrate how they made replicas and approximations of hard-to-obtain styles right from home! If they can do it, maybe we can do it too? Check out some of these examples. (Be advised: every single one of these videos uses the same music clip, so your ears might thank you for hitting mute as you binge ’em.)

12. Reformation Top

Original price: $182.


diy-ing this $182 reformation top for free with a pillowcase that was going to get donated! #reformation #sewing #sewinghacks #diy

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

11. Cowprint Pants

Original price: the pain of skinning your beloved pet cow.


I stayed up till 3am painting for these dumb pants 🐄 #fyp #paintedjeans #cowprint

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

10. Faye Bag

Original price: $88.

9. Another Go

A second take on the bag design.


i made a big one too but forgot to show it #fyp #FORYOUPAGE #sewing #thrift #thriftflip #colorcustomizer #greenscreen #style #fashioninspo

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

8. Say My Name Top

Original price: $150.

7. Bleached Jeans

Original price: growing up in the 80’s.

6. Drawstring Mini Dress

Original price: $64.


another one cuz i’m obsessed #thriftflip #maincharacter #sewing #springdiy

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

5. Nike Tie Die Sports Bra

Original price: $60.


socks —> shirt #hiddentalents #thriftflip #bestfriendsday #upcycling

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

4. Anime Print Jeans

Original price: having to explain to your friends who all the people on your pants are.


I think I really popped off with this one 🤭 #deathnote #deathnoteanime #deathnotemisa #imadethis #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #diyproject #diyfashion #fypg

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

3. Multi Dye Shirred Dress

Original price: $295.

2. Criss Cross Jean

Original price: $188.

1. Troi Rubby Top

Original price: $85.


hopefully y’all think it looks good but I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING THAT IM WEARING A TJ’S TOTE BAG KFENDKW #thriftflip #diy #sewing #cottagecore

♬ original sound – kasey.smo

Of course, it’s pretty easy to ooo and aaah at the talented creative people actually doing this stuff at home, it’s another thing to try it yourself. Still, could be pretty rewarding!

Think you’ll give it a go?

Tell us in the comments.