You know us millennials, we’re always checking in with each other. Gotta keep advocating for mental health, even when we’re living in a time where there’s no normal and no baseline and the notion of sanity is kind of laughable.

Maybe that’s why “Babe are you okay?” has become one of the defining memes of our era.

Take it away, people of Twitter.

15. Curry favor

What and why and what.

14. Sing it

If you look closely enough, you can hear the nothing.

13. It’s a business opportunity

Are you not feeling quite so high up today?

12. Cows

I think if you forget to do that three times your car will actually stop working.

11. Stock up

What is happening to us?

10. Pile on

Yeah, what’s WRONG with you?


Threw your arms in the air and said “you’re crazy!”

8. Gotta go fast

At what point were marketers convinced that consumers REALLY wanted to eat Sonic the Hedgehog?

7. Game on

I would do this in my sleep, it’s an unavoidable reflex.

6. Water o’clock

I feel seen and not in a way I’d like to be.

5. Call and response

Are you on auto pilot?

4. Buy buy buy

Did you finally just run out of money?

3. Let ’em know

Spread the word.

2. So touching

That hits hard.

1. Oh well

Isn’t that like the only word we know now?

Babe are you okay? You hardly scrolled through all those tweets.

But seriously, are you okay?

Tell us in the comments. Babe.

No, seriously, we want to know.

Please and thank you.