You may be shocked to learn this – but Tumblr? That place filled to the brim with obsessively nerdy and sensitive creative types who thrive off a detached sense of community while reveling in their own quirky individualism and sense of personal identity?

A bunch of them are introverts.

I know. You’re slack jawed. You’re aghast. You are, perhaps, even a ghost. But if you’ll bear with me a moment, oh spirit, I can demonstrate that I am telling the truth.

Here’s some proof. From Tumblr.

14. The preparation

Just when I was ready.

13. Ask and receive

I wanted to be popular, but not like this.

12. Cancel culture

Sick bro, sounds great, see ya never.

11. The death toll

What was past me trying to do, kill us?

10. Sit and stay

It’s a terrible game we play, this public transit gambit.

9. Define “want”

Let’s get into the deep philosophy of this because I have no simple answer for you.

8. Space case

Please form an orderly line far away from me.

7. The great mystery

We can’t know. There’s just no way to know.

6. No

I said that I was lonely, not that I was lively.

5. The longing

Am I doing this to myself?

4. Hard to get

I’ll never quite understand this particular use of hashtags.

3. Return policy

I’m done with this free trial, I have found the product wanting.

2. Twice as nice

Looks like I’m on my own again.

1. The regret

I’ve made a huge mistake.

See? Told you so.

How introverted are you?

Describe it to us in the comments.