Lucas and Ally are an engaged couple facing the same dull problem so many of us are this year: how do we find something fun and interesting to do without being irresponsible?

So many of the usual spots for date nights or general fun are closed down or offering limited service, and those who aren’t taking things seriously are…well, probably best to stay away from for the time being. So how do we make a special, fun, spontaneous evening for ourselves when we’re more or less limited to our apartments?

Their answer? Walmart Roulette. To be clear, that’s not what they call it. I’m not sure what they call it, but I think Walmart Roulette is a fitting name so I’m going to stick with it. Here’s how it went down:


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Head to Walmart or your retailer of choice, be cool and wear a mask, then let the fun begin. Each person takes turns pointing at random items in different sections of the store until their partner says “stop.” Whatever you’re pointing to, that’s the thing you’re gonna pick up for the date. There’s no way to know what combination of fun you’ll end up – and you can do it all without breaking the bank in these tense economic times.

Here’s how Ally and Lucas’ haul went on this particular night:

Movie: Wonder

This 2017 Julia Roberts / Owen Wilson film got decent reviews but sort of fell off the map, which is probably why it’s now in the Walmart movie bargain bin. No way to know for sure, but we’re guessing this was probably about 10 bucks.

Side Dish: Sour Cream and Onion Chips

Great Value – $1.84.

Desert: Unicorn Sparkle Ice Cream

Great Value – $2.97.

Main Course: Thin Crust Spinach Alfredo Pizza

Sam’s Choice – $4.98.

Appetizer: Mini Corn Dogs

Great Value – $2.18.

Beverage: White Claw Natural Lime

White Claw – $9.73.

The Whole Package

With tax, this date night adds up to about $25 total, which is less than you’d pay for two tickets and some popcorn at most movie theaters, and will doubtlessly leave you with a better story to tell.

Personally, I think this is a really fun idea! As I write this I’m about to head to a date myself, and now I wish I’d have known about this earlier! Maybe next time.

What do you think? Would you try it out?

Tell us in the comments, and stay safe out there.