Every family has that one member who knows the most about tech. That doesn’t mean that you know a LOT about it, it just means you happen to know more than everybody else, which makes you the inevitable go-to when something goes wrong.

In my family, that’s me. And it’s a strange feeling, because while I’m interested in all things tech, I’m not an expert at all, so I screw things up as often as I fix them.

I can’t imagine how crazy it must be to be an actual IT professional and look at all the stupid things people let happen with their valuables.

Of course, I don’t have to imagine, because Reddit has that documented quite well. Observe.

10. Bugging out

[This is not a joke – if you’re bothered by insects, don’t click play on this video.]

I think my laptop may have some bugs
byu/GbmbRnmf inMakeMeSuffer

9. Assault and battery

Even if you’re not using it at the moment, take the dead batteries out of your stuff.
Corrosion is a horror show to try to repair.

Didnt change the batteries for about 11 years
by intechsupportgore

8. The signal

The antenna I understand but the rest of the set up is baffling.

Best system for reception and amplification wifi
byu/ReasonableArticle939 intechsupportgore

7. Functional

Sure, and not even slightly a fire hazard.

Apparently this is “functional”
byu/cscocoa intechsupportgore

6. Smoke and mirrors

It ain’t good for people, either.

I opened up this laptop and my god! Smoking and computers are a bad mix!
byu/KingComputer74 intechsupportgore

5. By the numbers

You dummy, you’re supposed to use it so spell “8oo8S.”

My calculator has a stroke?
byu/SendyCatKiller intechsupportgore

4. Just nasty

This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

Nasty nasty school server (sorry about garbage quality)
byu/Jesus_fuck1ng_chr1st intechsupportgore

3. Water, water everywhere

Sure you don’t, Kyle.

Student claims “It got some water on it, but I don’t know who did it.”
byu/HTTProtocol intechsupportgore

2. All better

It doesn’t really have a top or a lap anymore, but otherwise it’s good.

Hi, here’s my laptop. Works better now.
byu/Fluffy_Bicycle920 intechsupportgore

1. Just in case

Nothing against gardening but woof what a misuse.

LianLi Dynamic ($150 PC case) being used as a planter. Case was in perfect condition, now it is left to rot. At least you can see the soil through the glass window…
by intechsupportgore

God bless our brave IT professionals.

What’s your worst tech run-in?

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