Since the invention of the internet, there have been a lot of questions.

Well, we can all breathe a sigh of relief on that last one. The long wait is over. The Tenacious D / School of Rock / Kung Foo Panda / Nacho Libre legend himself has finally graced the short video platform with his presence, and it’s a pretty grand entrance.

Reminding us that he does in fact have some pretty sweet moves, JB laid down an energetic, eclectic, hat-dropping dance hit as his inaugural post.

@jackblackQuarantine Dance ##reallifeathome ##distancedance ##happyathome ##boredathome ✂️ @taylor♬ original sound – jackblack

This was followed up shortly after with something he’s referring to as the Blub Challenge, which apparently consists of just kind of making slow fish noises for as long as you can. Honestly, the written word can’t do it justice, you just need to watch.

@jackblackBlub blub blub blub blub blub blub blub… ##BlubChallenge##normalpeople ##checkthisout ##lifeathome♬ original sound – jackblack

Obviously, his presence was universally hailed.

Source: @neko_channn

His output essentially radiates positivity, which isn’t going unnoticed or unappreciated.

Everyone else should just delete their accounts. So says…Steak-umm?

Source: @streakumm

And the #BlubChallenge is really tougher than it looks.

Source: @mannbilly

It might turn into yet another one of those pervasive things that are impossible to explain to your grandparents.

Source: @taylor

Basically, we all Stan.

Welcome to TikTok, Mr. Black. It’s a weird world and I suspect you’re about to be its unlikely ruler.

What would you like to see from Jack Black now that he’s on the platform?

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