There’s a lot of tension in this era between landlords and tenants. Often this is talked about broadly, but sometimes a case study in a particular battle makes for an interesting read. Enter Jesse Case, a comedian from Nashville who found himself needlessly threatened, and responded in turn.

So that’s the plan. To go “Full Karen.”

One might think that would involve speaking simultaneously to every manager on earth, but it went a little differently than that.

Jesse posted the message from his landlord, as well as his response.

Here’s the text  a bit larger. Sorry we can’t resize it, but you’ll get the gist in the coming comments…

It’s bad enough when a landlord starts just throwing out random new rules and making empty threats like they’ll be legally enforceable, but it’s extra hilarious when they accidentally involve winged insects in the language.

The response Jesse receives doesn’t exactly seem to have hit home.

Land owners often try to pull fast ones on tenants whom they know are unlikely to be familiar with all the laws concerning what they can and cannot do. Unfortunately for them, we live in the age of Google searches, so that info isn’t exactly hard to find.

Most everyone was pretty appreciative of Jesse’s style.

And a new meme was spawned that I think needs to get way more play now:

Still, Jesse is a man of the word and will adhere to the letter of the law:

Really, it’s a steal anyway.

1,400 bucks vs 1,400 bugs – what’s the difference?

We hope you’re all safe and sound in your own homes. If you have trouble, don’t hesitate to reach out to local tenant associations which can help you out!

What’s a time you went full Karen?

Tell our manager about it in the comments.