Listen, just because most of us aren’t going out regularly and are stuck at home with generally the same people day in and day out, that doesn’t mean there’s not funny stuff going on.

There’s your family, your roommates, your delivery people, Zoom meetings, and a bunch of other interesting ways you can eavesdrop on people – and these 16 people have overheard some pretty funny stuff.

So, Jimmy Fallon recently asked the following question…

And boy did he get some answers…

16. This is just so wholesome.

Trust kids to even make Zoom cute.

15. Good, I’ve missed B.C.

Since it’s B.C.E. now, you know (history nerd here).

14. You have to have a certain number of signatures to get out.

And you can’t ask your family, because they definitely want to get rid of you.

13. Nobody wants that to happen.

It’s one of the only perks of this entire thing.

12. The answer to this question is obviously always yes.

It matters not how old you are.

11. I hope this is just the sort of relationship they have.

Otherwise I feel like it’s a cry for help.

10. Now there’s an idea.

I like the outside the box thinking.

9. She’s not wrong.

But she’s still gonna have a rude awakening when this is all over some day.

8. Okay fine it’s funny.

And sad and funny idk either.

7. This just makes me sad all the way around.

But I’m still keeping my dog inside for her own good, too.

6. I have no idea what this means.

You gotta keep people on their toes, I guess.

5. It’s the little things that get you going these days.

Like being able to sing this tweet, for instance.

4. We all wish we hadn’t overheard that.

There are only 50 states still, right?

3. Oh, no what a shame.

And I bet she just couldn’t get back on, either.

2. Yeah, I love my family but I could think of a few.

Idris Elba. Derek Jeter. Zac Efron. Kristen Bell…

1. All the way down.

Because I don’t think we’ve found the bottom yet.

These really just tickled my funny bone – I hope they got yours, too.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve overheard recently? Share it with us in the comments!