We all love to be a hipster about some thing in our lives – we want to be the outlier, the person who is different from the crowd, or at the very least, the person who doesn’t blindly follow it.

That said, some things are well-loved because they’re deserving and hilarious, and that’s definitely the case with these uber-popular tweets.

16. He must have been a king in a previous life.


15. Who is she talking to, though?!


14. Gotta do what you gotta do to keep those stars.

13. Three is being a bit generous.

12. Did you know cats can fly though?

11. I think maybe we should have specified.

10. Just know they’ll definitely talk you into another six months.

9. No one really warns us, do they?


8. Bahaha we’re all remembering a love for the great outdoors.

7. The year that shall not be named.


6. We all have to start earning our keep at some point.


5. I’m not good at math, but…

4. Yeah, about that…


3. I’ve got this handled, ma’am.

2. Sometimes one time is all it takes to know it’s not for you.

1. I honestly can’t decide if this makes him a keeper or a goner.


I have to say I agree – these bad boys are objectively funny! And by objective I mean it’s indisputable. It’s like gravity. It just is.

Did you laugh? Which was the best one, in your opinion? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Please and thank you! 😀