The great thing about memes is that they’re so accessible. So easy to create. If you can dream it, you can meme it.

As a result, there are memes on just about any and every subject imaginable, and some on subjects that maybe shouldn’t have been imagined in the first place.

Enjoy these 20 random memes on a variety of topics that will make you say “lol what?” in a delightful tone of voice.

19. Colonel Kernal

This is a stealth mission, your brute forces tactics are no good here.

18. Abs-olutely not

You keep your gyms and I’ll keep my gyros.

17. Stand back

It’s cool, I’m cool, we’re cool.

16. Pig out

I’ll just lay in the sun ’till it explodes.

15. Bloom of doom

I wasn’t using my breathy parts anyway.

14. Mowed down

It’s a feast with all the trimmings.

13. NOPE

Shoe, now. Go on, git.

12. Burst your bubble

I swear my body is seeking revenge for all the terrible things I’ve done to it.

11. Cheese it!

Worry not friends, your time will come soon.

10. Burrito treato

Mexican food is one of life’s greatest joys and I won’t go without it.

9. True friendship

This is a moment where you feel seen and respected and it just can’t be beat.

8. Listen up

We’ve all gotta be here for each other.

7. The little joys

It’s like waiting for Christmas but every day!

6. Making your point

These two shared a past life together, I just know it.

5. Pupper passenger

Sir, I’m going to have to check your luggage for good boys.

4. Dad jokes

Send it again, he’ll get it eventually.

3. Pasta meetcha

You need to start a religion on this happening.

2. Crunch time

These things must be carefully considered.

1. Lake likes

How is he even doing that? Is it possible to learn such powers?

There’s so little rhyme or reason to what makes a successful meme. They’re just random. And I think that’s what I love about ’em.

What do YOU love about memes?

Share your enlightened opinion in the comments.