Well, it’s 2020, and a lot of people out there are still hung up on gender identities that they think are stuck in stone.

But the truth is, gender is fluid people are really allowed to do whatever the hell they want to.

Take, for example, a lingerie company called Playful Promises. It is an inclusive company and they recently featured a male model named Jake DuPree wearing lingerie on its Instagram account.

Yeah, this is fierce!

Some people on social media were quick to criticize and hurl insults about a man modeling lingerie, but the folks a Playful Promises were quick to clap back and shut the haters down in a hurry.

First, there was this lady who said she would never buy the lingerie after seeing Jake DuPree model it.

Photo Credit: Instagram

To which Playful Promises had the perfect response.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Another Instagram user also tried to shoot down the images.

Photo Credit: Instagram

And they were mocked for that comment, no doubt about it.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Other people on Twitter showed their support as well after the backlash to the photo shoot.


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