It’s a little difficult to explain exactly what you’re about to be looking at, so we’ll let artist Dain Yoon’s own website profile explain:

“Often referred to as a “makeup artist,” Dain Yoon is actually a classically trained painter who happens to use herself as her canvas.

Although the art looks Photoshopped, each piece is 100% authentic, painted by herself, in mirror image, on herself – which can take anywhere from 3 up to 12 hours.”

There’s plenty more to learn about this fabulous creator from there, but maybe the best way to give you a taste is just to show you some favorite, often disorientingly creative examples of her work via Instagram.

10. The Gift

The fact that she’s actually holding a piece of ribbon on the side is just the perfect touch.

9. Pearls and Curls

Somehow you have better facial hair than I do.

8. Lend Me Your Ears

It took me a second, and then I was taken far aback.

7. Luxury Couch

The illusion of depth is just astounding.

6. Take the Call

Oh look, it’s my stress nightmares personified.

5. License and Registration

Not sure if that’s entirely street legal but I’ll take it.

4. Party Time

The slight sense of menace coming from that blue balloon is going to haunt me.

3. Petal to the Medal

What a rush.

2. Cubism

There’s a name for this particular effect that I can’t think of now because my brain has broken.

1. WFH

I don’t know what’s more amazing, the makeup or the utter chaos of that desktop.

Be sure to follow Dain on Instagram for much, much more.

Which one of these would you want to walk around in for a day?

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