The conversation around renters and landlords has changed a lot lately. As more and more people are renting because they have no better options, the few who hold the properties are coming under closer scrutiny. Laws concerning what a landowner can and can’t do in regard to a tenant are complicated, vary from place to place, and many know that tenants simply won’t know their rights in that regard and can thus be taken advantage of.

Just like any position, there are good landlords and there are bad. This story, posted to Reddit by user RockyMoose, is about a bad one, and is particularly satisfying because it ends in a revenge that couldn’t have been engineered.

Read on, my friends!

Chapter 1: Ante Up

Chapter 1 – Part 2

Chapter 1 – Part 3

Chapter 1 – Part 4

Chapter 2: Raise and Fold

Chapter 2 – Part 2

Chapter 2 – Part 3

Chapter 3: The Turn

Chapter 3 – Part 2

Chapter 3 – Part 3

Chapter 3 – Part 4

Chapter 3 – Part 5

Chapter 4: All In

Chapter 4 – Part 2

Chapter 4 – Part 3

Chapter 4 – Part 4

Damn! Whether or not you believe in karma has some real outside force, there’s no denying that treating others poorly can come back to bite you if they’re given the chance to have anything to say about it.

What’s been your worst experience with a landlord?

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