They say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. As a millennial, I can’t relate to this at all because I’ve never had a yard.

But I think the point is we tend to envy what we don’t/can’t have by default.

This was put into a more thoughtful context when user Straifex-yin took to r/AskReddit to say:

What is the thing you envy of the opposite sex?
byu/Straifex-yin inAskReddit

It’s an interesting question with a broad range of answers. Of course, more of us are becoming aware that s^x and gender are separate areas, and that neither are actually binary, but the question remains, what do we see in others that we want for ourselves?

Check out some of the responses.

1. The subject of children came up a lot.

As a man, being able to be friendly with kids that aren’t my own and nurturing in general without being worried about how it’s perceived by others, well some at least, as being sinister or weird.

Don’t like to say good things about myself, raised to be modest and all. But I’m really good with kids. Able to engage with them at a level they understand and teach them while being friendly.

Probably comes from having a sis 6 years younger. Be patient, entertain and protect.

I understand why people are suspicious these days but if I was a woman I don’t think I’d have to worry about it so much. That would be nice.

– Fuzzyphilosopher

2. Some answers were pretty light-hearted.

Female here.

Things I envy about men:

-Decent pockets in clothing

-Never expected to wear heels

-Can pee standing up (without making a mess)

-Much less shaving needed to be socially acceptable in summer

-Can usually reach higher shelves without a step ladder.

– MerylSquirrel

3. And sometimes, just typing out “why can’t I…” made users realize, they totally can.

Clothing options. I feel like women have such a broad range of clothing options compared to men.

And you can wear leggings without being seen as weird

Edit: f*ck it, I’m buying some leggings

– Sinthex

4. It’s truly unfair to punish people for living in the time dimension.

Easier ability to age and it not be considered something to hide or cover up, but something that can even be seen as more “distinguished” or “respectable”.

– InannasPocket

5. Guys just wanna have not fun and have that be ok.

Not being ridiculed for being emotional and vulnerable.

– Mild_Wings

6. We need better birth control stat.

Not having to deal with the side effects of birth control

– jsmi813

7. A lot of men hate feeling like a constant threat.

Not being seen as always chasing s*x.

I hate that I can’t sit down and get to know someone without them thinking that I want to get in their pants.

Also, people cross the street so they don’t walk next to me at night (I’ve started crossing the street first so they don’t have to and because I don’t want anyone to feel unsafe).

I totally understand why this happens, and why it should happen, and I support people protecting themselves! I just wish we didn’t live in a society where this was necessary.

– the_colton

8. A lot of women don’t feel heard.

I just want to be listened to. You have no idea how impossible it is to be a woman in a small town where everyone still holds the same 1950s values.

Nobody ever takes me seriously, nobody listens to what I have to say, and nobody thinks I have good ideas until a man repeats them.

– ArcadiaPlanitia

9. Some things are universal.

It’s much rarer for a guy to get a compliment than a girl.

Which sucks because compliments are just nice to get.

– Ericbazinga

10. And some things are…just ridiculous.

Being able to pee your name in the snow.

– snozberry_pie

Just remember: your identity is your own. Don’t hold yourself back from living the way you want to.

What do you think about this question?

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