The price of tampons and pads seriously adds up over time, which seems incredibly unfair. Here’s a bodily function that half the population has no choice but to pay for, and the other half doesn’t!

In news that will surprise no one, a man took to the internet to give his opinion on the price of tampons and pads and why women should “stop complaining.”

This man did some hilariously wrong math to determine that women only spend about £20 per year for tampons.

Anyone with a period immediately smelled the bullsh*t.

First of all, SEVEN tampons per cycle?! Only in a dream world, pal.

Second of all, he flubbed the NUMBER OF MONTHS IN A YEAR.

He almost certainly mixed up the period thing with the pregnancy thing.

Anyway, third of all, he also got the average volume of blood per period wrong.

It’s actually impressive to be this wrong!

Seriously I can’t with this guy.

Even well-meaning men are oblivious about periods and tampons.

The only solution is to teach ’em a lesson.

That will shut this guy up forever.