Talking to the fairer sex can be difficult for men. We don’t always know what to say or how to express ourselves and it can definitely cause a lot of tension and problems.

Guy, I’m sure a lot of you have been there…

So what do men think are the hardest things to explain to women?

Here’s what men on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. No good answer.

“When you ask me how my day was or what I did today, nothing in my day usually stands out as special, so I just dont remember.

I usually dont remember what I do, I just live.”

2. Not always about that.

“I’m seriously not checking you out every time you walk by in the office.

I turn my head for damn near everything that enters my periphery, you’re really not that special.”

3. It is what it is.

“When we say we need time or space, that’s exactly what we need.

It’s not code for “you need to try harder”.”

4. Make the move.

“We appreciate women making the first move.

Always expecting a guy to make a move on you really takes a toll after a while.

I was never taught how to date/flirt/show love and affection or any of that when I was young, so dating is a big challenge for me as an adult.

Being expected to always be the one who knows how dating works and to make the first move at every step of the way is extremely stressful and I hate it to the point it’s almost become a chore.”

5. Love languages.

“Sometimes I’m just horny, but (in a committed relationship) sometimes I look at you and I’m just so in love that I want to be as close and intimate with you as I can, which is sex.

My ex and I had different love languages, and she would worry that I don’t love her as much as she loves me which was just crazy because I was head over heels for her at all times.

Trying to explain that that really close, lovey sex was one of the ways I showed her exactly how deeply I was in love with her, but she didn’t get it.”

6. Hard to explain.

“I think it is hard to explain to my wife how much I love her and the kids.

I feel like words are not enough and I work a lot but I wish my feelings could just be transferred so she understands…”

7. Men don’t operate like that.

“Why I don’t know what the fuck my best friend is up to in life even after hanging out with him all day.

Her: “How is Chris?”

Me: “I dunno.”

Her: “How is his wife’s new job going?”

Me: “Ok, probably.”

Her: “Are his kids doing alright?”

Me: “I suppose; he didn’t say otherwise.”

Her: “Did they go anywhere over the break?”

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Her: “You played golf for five hours; what did you guys talk about?”

Me: “I dunno.””

8. Romancin’.

“Sometimes, I’m not in an emotional or mental state to be ready for the bedroom.

I need romance to get me there sometimes too.”

9. Can’t help it.

“Sometimes an erection just happens.

We don’t control the thing, it’s a physical response that could literally be from nothing.”

10. That’s what it means.

“When we say we don’t care we really don’t care.

Yes we can have an opinion on something, but when we say we don’t care that means our opinion isn’t strong enough to sway us either way on something.”

11. Meh…

“That emotional state of “meh”. You’re not great, you’re not terrible, just meh. Nothing is really wrong, you’re just not really feeling it.

For some reason, some folks interpret this as “pissed off”. They then continue to ask “Why are you so mad?” despite you answering against this. They keep doing asking until you actually get annoyed and angry.”

12. Not a topic of conversation.

“As much as were seen as sex crazed pigs we talk so little about women when we get together for drinks or soemthing like that.

And when we do the topic doesent last long…literaly cant even remember when was the last time me and my best bud talked about women, were both single too.

Just usually talking about our old friends from school and what theyre doing, cars, our jobs, sport, or politics occasionally.”

13. Like father, like son.

“I have to constantly explain to my wife why my 2 year old son is obsessed with his penis.

I have to explain why he always wants to touch it and grab it when his diaper is off. She will never understand why our baby and his father share this habit.”

14. Words of wisdom.

“Too clean for the hamper, too dirty for the drawer, that’s why I put my cargo shorts on the floor.”

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