Today we’re gonna talk about deal breakers. The things that, despite a bunch of other positive qualities, just force our hands into rejecting a relationship.

You’re probably thinking of yours right now. We’ve all got them. And one person on Reddit was very curious what men, specifically, had in their dealbreaker vault.

Men, what are some deal breakers for a potential relationship, even if they’re very attractive?
byu/JaJaLoHa inAskReddit

Some of these responses from Reddit may surprise you.

1. No arguments, all fights

If you can’t have a civilized argument with them.

If small differences at the start of the relationship already turn into screaming, shouting, insulting etc. just think about how those important discussions later in the relationship will go…

– PhobosDeimosX

2. Treating others poorly

Seeing how they speak to other people, especially when they aren’t around, if they s**t talk their friends when they aren’t around why would you think they wouldn’t do that to you as well.

Also, if they can’t keep a secret.

– AL_drew

3. Talking s**t about everybody

When I was preparing for prom I randomly had to spend some time with this girl I’ve never met before and never met after. She was attractive, sounded like a right mix of intelligent and funny. But godd**n, the ammount of s**t she talked about her partner that I was supposed to replace that day. And then the s**t she dumped on a teacher who was supervising us. All in about an hour or so, speaking to a complete stranger.

But to me she was all nice. Even after I told her that I’m now afraid of turning my back to her because of all the s**t she’d dump on me all I got was as smile. What the h**l?

– _Weyland_

4. BO

Met this girl in college, nice personality, smoking hot body, invited her over to my dorm for some Netflix n’ Chill and quickly noticed she had a…how to put it delicately…a severe BO problem, I’m talking rank and when she took her shoes off it was worse than some of the guys I use to play basketball with.

Ok, not a deal breaker, maybe she just had a long day and hadn’t had a chance to take a shower, happens to all of us.

So we got together a few more times and if anything it got worse, so I tried dropping some subtle hints. She finally told me she was into something called “natural hygiene” and didn’t bath more than once every couple weeks or ever use deodorant, soap or shampoo.

Nope….my d**k was screaming yes, but my nose vetoed it, I was out….

– Dervrak

5. No effort

Simply picking up after yourself is deferred repeatedly when it can be done and over in ten seconds.

Inflexible mind, or unwilling to learn new things or see other perspectives.

Seeing the fault in others, but inability to perceive such in themselves.

– virgilreality

6. Handling problems badly

Meaning, will become very demanding or sullen.

Need someone who is calm in stressful situations, life is full of huge problems that will need two to deal with properly.

– Interesting_Tough926

7. Inability to deal with silence

I dated this chick, we’ll say “the one that got away”.

Everything clicked on every level, but during quiet moments, like bed or driving, she HATED silent moments and would screech like a dinosaur incredibly loud.

It always caught me off guard and drove me absolutely nuts.

– Kurtisaurus-Rex

8. A total lack of awareness

If she never admits she’s wrong, never apologizes, never says the phrase “oh, I didn’t know that.”

If this person is over 20, just run.

– Scratchums

9. Testing and manipulating

If she starts trying to test my cool or how much she can manipulate me that’s a dealbreaker.

It means she’s willing to be with someone if she can exploit them regardless if she can’t exploit me.

– DJ_Green_Ireland

10. Lying

I was interested in a girl recently, I liked her a lot and she was really hot and great in bed as well, but something about the stories she told me about herself seemed off and honestly that was a red flag I was ignoring.

Well, turns out most of what she told me about her life was a lie, even the small stuff, that wouldn’t make any sense to lie about. I think she may be a compulsive liar.

We weren’t exclusive or anything, we were just going out so far, so there was nothing to really break up, so I just stopped contacting her.

– nerdy_latino

11. Psychological games

I’m pretty f**king done with negging behaviour; ‘playful sniping comments’ disguised as banter.

I want to date positive and supportive people, not a**eholes masquerading s**t behaviour as flirting.

Also, gaslighting.

– rhys91

12. Sexist expectations

For instance being bi-sexual, but acting like guys being bi-sexual is gross and unmasculine.

Or wanting emotional support, reassurance and compliments, then acting like you’re not a man for wanting or needing the same.

Or acting like there are “man jobs”, while thinking there are no “woman jobs”.

Or judging you for being vulnerable or having weaknesses.

Sorry, not gonna live in a prison to fit in to your rigid view of what a man is. No matter how “hot” you are.

– MettaMorphosis

13. Constant attention needs

The I must have you attention 24/7 attitude no matter what.

Your friends and family no longer matter and you must ask for permission to be away from me for any period of time and that time must have a strict end point.

– Anangrywookiee

14. Being super into astrology

Any person who blames their s**tty behavior on random star alignments is not an adult.

We’re navigating life, not the seven f**king seas.

– Bump_It_Louder

15. The list

Immaturity, lack of personal responsibility, entitlement, exploitativeness, manipulativeness, lack of honesty, abusiveness, clinginess, dictatorialness, lack of clear communication, lack of a personality outside of pop culture references, to name a few.

This goes for any relationship: friendly, familiar, and romantic.

– Metaquotidian

Yeah. I can’t say as I’d argue with any of those.

What’s YOUR dealbreaker?

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