Well, this article should spark some lively debate.

We all know the many, many disadvantages to being a woman as far as unequal pay, rights, but what about the guys out there?

Here are the responses from AskReddit.

1. Skinny arms.

“I have noodle arms and being the only dude around the office I’m expected to lift heavy sh^t.

Meanwhile, buff ass Angela f*cking goes to the gym daily and can lift 5x what I can isn’t ever asked.”

2. Lonely and untouched.

“If you don’t have a girlfriend you can literally not get touched by any human being for months.”

3. Most men worry about this one.


Some men can make it work for them, but most can’t.”

4. That’s never good.

“When something falls on your balls.”

5. Don’t always want to be the initiator.

“It sucks being the initiator in talking to girls, especially with social anxiety.”

6. Don’t show weakness.

“Don’t get as much emotional support from others in comparison to women, it’s usually seen as weak.”

7. Not good for anyone.

“Those random, involuntary erections that happen at the wrong time or place!”

8. Beware of the Karens.

“Going with your child to the playground and survive the staredowns of all of the Karens.”

9. The (un)sweet spot.

“ball$ are like that 2 meter hole in a Death Star, once you hit there, the whole man will be destroyed.”

10. Never really thought about that.

“Less people take you seriously when you say that you’re a victim of sexual assault.”

11. I’m invisible.

“Permanent invisibility.

No, not the cool kind. Its the nobody ever calls or texts you unless they want you to help them move so your saturdays are always carrying really heavy sh^t and you go back home alone and pick up a 6 pack of beer and still saturday night nobody calls or texts so you reach out and nobody responds so then you order pizza and break out the whiskey and finish that bottle and the 6 pack and contemplate killing yourself since all you do is work and sleep but before you do you finish the pizza and fall asleep and wake up sunday morning then hate yourself for an entire day kind of invisibility.”

12. Don’t think less of me.

“The modern expectation that you should be willing to share your emotions, but the internal feeling of not wanting to burden other people with sh^t you just want to figure out on your own.

Personally, I like solving problems, and that includes whatever personal sh^t I’m going through. If I want to talk about it, I will. Prying is just an easy to to irritate me to no end lol.

It also seems like people don’t actually care if men share their emotions. I think if most men were honest, people straight up wouldn’t care and would immediately think less of them.”

13. There goes a creeper.

“Im 23, completely bald, wear glasses, short in height, but have an average body.

As soon as I walk into a club or bar; I always feel as though I get looks because i look older and I feel as though I have the ‘creep’ vibe. It’s horrible.”

14. You’re expendable.

“Having your expendability be socially expected.

War, sinking ships proverbial and otherwise, financial and mental assistance. We are expected to fight, provide, and die for society.”

15. Be nice.

“Sometimes, I just want to be nice to people.

If I’m nice to a female, I must have some ulterior motive. If I’m nice to a dude, I get weird looks.

Fuck, is being compassionate to other people because I want to bring some small spark of joy into their life REALLY that bad?”

And, without further ado, it’s time to open the floodgates…

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