We’ve all gotten those texts from our Moms – the ones that are overly concerned, the ones that just don’t get technology, and of course, the ones that try to parent over the texting airwaves.

There are plenty more things Moms say and do that are hilarious, and many of these hashtags really bring home one simple truth: all of us have the same Mom, and she is hilarious (and she has a huge heart).

Favorites below!

#14. I mean, she’s just saying.

#13. Busted.

#12. They love to cram all the information possible into a single text.

#11. When you can’t tell whether it was an autocorrect or not, because Moms.

#10. Ouch.

#9. Aww. She was trying so hard.

#8. I was going to be super impressed if Mom knew what that meant. Alas.

#7. I mean, you know they can’t help it.

#6. And we wonder where we get it.

#5. My Mom now gets irritated with ME if I can’t decipher her autocorrected messes.

#4. Everyone knows Moms can read minds.

#3. Keeping up on things is hard if you don’t know how to work Twitter.

#2. She was totally in the middle of cleaning out her closet and ran across a top she really loved in 1985.

#1. Surrrreeee that’s what she meant. Uh huh.

See anything that really made you LOL? Get texts like this from your mama?

Let us know in the comments!