I love the idea that the mistakes you make when you’re a dumb kid don’t really count. People kind of shrug and move on, figuring that the follies of youth should be excused and all of that…most of the time.

Nowadays there’s the internet, which means nothing is ever really gone forever. So if your mistake is something horrifying, like racism, sexism, bullying, or the like, it could definitely come back to haunt you when you’re applying to grad school or for jobs (or maybe even online dating).

Also…depending on the scale of said mistake, they can definitely stick with you forever.

The tweet that sparked this conversation came from comedian Sarah Cooper.

Most people in the replies were agreeing, but then Monica Lewinsky entered the chat.

Y’all remember her, right? She was just 22 and an intern at the White House when she had an extramarital affair with President Bill Clinton (49 at the time). In the Oval Office.

Chaos ensued, and Monica, of course, was made out to be the villain in the whole debacle, regardless of her age and the power discrepancy between her and old Bill.

Yeah. Hilarious reply in a single world, am I right?

Since re-entering the public eye, Monica has become a tireless advocate against bullying, both online and in real life, and somehow continues to have a decent sense of humor about the event that changed, shaped, and could have ruined her life, had she let it.

Celebrities love her, too, and couldn’t help but give shoutouts – like this one, from Olivia Munn.

This silent salute from Ben Stiller.

And props from this woman, who crowned Monica the Queen of the Internet.

Basically, we all stan Monica Lewinsky now, which is a turn of events she probably never saw coming back in the controversial day.

Which is just proof that things can always get better, so please don’t give up when they seem at their darkest. If Monica can get through it, so can you.

If you haven’t seen her Ted Talk, it will seriously change your life – bring the tissues, though.