To those of us who have spent a good amount of time around new babies in our lives, it may seem like common sense that you hold them at your own risk. They have bodily functions like the rest of us, but with zero way to control any of them, they often can and do end up on whatever is nearby when they happen.

This new mom, posting on the subreddit Am I The A**shole, was hosting a get together to allow her family and friends to meet her new daughter – a gathering that included her cousin, who, in the original poster’s (OP) words, has “expensive tastes.”

Of course, the baby spit up on the woman in the pricey blouse…at which point a grown woman ran from the room crying, remained in the car crying for the rest of the night, and refused to accept a well-intentioned apology.

AITA for refusing to pay back my cousin after my baby ruined her blouse? from AmItheAsshole

But it gets better.

A few days later, OP’s aunt called her mother (so adult) and said the cousin wanted to be reimbursed for her blouse – to the tune of 1800 GBP.

For those of us in the States, that’s a $2k blouse that she chose to wear around a new baby. Genius.

OP refused to pay for the blouse, protesting that she has no control over a newborn’s bodily functions and her cousin was happy to take the baby, so she also took on the responsibility.

Pretty much everyone who responded agreed that the OP was NTA (not the a**hole) here…

Because what could she have done?

It’s not like she commanded the baby to spit up.

The cousin needs to get a grip on reality.

Though a few (presumably people who have never owned a newborn) thought ESH (everyone sucks here).

After all, they are family.

And family is forever… ?

I don’t know how this is the new mom’s problem at all. Sure, you might feel badly – you might even offer to pay for dry cleaning – but if someone holds your baby voluntarily while wearing a blouse that costs more than most people’s monthly mortgage, they’ve really got what’s coming to them.

What do you think? Do you agree? Or would you be shelling out the chunk of change? Let us know!