What goes better together than New York City taxi drivers and a calendar? The answer: nothing!

That’s why you should consider bringing this calendar into your life!

What’s sexier than the road warriors who navigate the mean streets of the Big Apple day in and day out?

Get a load of these hunks and try not to get too excited.

1. I’m melting

2. Hook it up

3. Oh no!

4. En fuego

5. Okay, interesting choice

6. A little Say Anything homage

7. Gettin’ some sun between rides

8. Never enough

9. All wrapped up

10. Stylin’

11. Pit stop

12. Lassoed a banker

13. Taking a break…from being sexy

14. Now we’re talking

15. This one takes the cake

16. Nice pasties

17. Cool off

18. He loves me…he loves me not…

19. Suggestive

20. Quite a threesome