Very little that you see on TV is real. Not even the news.

Ok, wait, I should explain. This isn’t some rabid conspiracy about F*ke news. It’s a feel-good story about recognizing the illusions of television. The folks we see on TV seem to have it all together all the time, but that’s an engineered image. It’s important to remember that behind the scenes, nobody’s perfect, and everybody’s doing their best.

This sentiment is probably why a facebook post by a local news anchor resonated with so many, and spread across the internet.

Deanna Falzone, a news reporter with Fox 17 in West Michigan, shared a before and after hair & makeup picture from the studio one morning, with an accompanying story. It starts:

I get a text from my executive producer this morning, “where are you?” (for the record, he’s great and SUPER understanding) Yup, running about a half hour late.

Because a sick 3 month old baby and 3am alarm for work don’t mix well. I get to work and Avery says, “do you know your shirt is on inside out?” Yes, Yes I do.

I also haven’t washed or really brushed my hair since last Sunday. Can you tell?

On top of her job at the station, Deanna is a mom. And the part of her life you don’t see on camera is a lot more hectic than the one you do.

Let’s be honest…we’re all a hot mess, just pretending to have it all together (or maybe some days we actually do). I’ll tell you what, my anxiety has been at an all time high lately. It always is when I work through a life change. But every day I’m trying (some days I do a better job than other days), but I’m trying.

And I’m sure YOU are too! So, don’t be so hard on yourself.

In a strange way, it’s encouraging to know that really nobody’s got it all worked out. Deanna closes with this advice:

Don’t let what you see on social media fool you into thinking that’s reality. It’s what happens “behind the scenes” that’s always the hardest, but also what makes you stronger.

Ooo and thank goodness for dry shampoo, bronzer and coffee.

Whether it’s the morning news, celebrity photo spreads, or just your instagram feed, we’re bombarded with very finely curated selections from the lives of others every day. Remember that that’s just the tip of the iceberg, and that underneath, we’re all in this together.

What’s something about your life people might be surprised to learn?

Dish it out in the comments.