Well, this is totally adorable, now isn’t it? And unexpected, which is always nice when it comes to kids and food.

A man named Justice Mojica and his wife thought they would prank their 2-year-old daughter Aria with a bogus Christmas gift…but the ruse didn’t go off as expected.

Mojica and his wife presented little Aria with a banana all wrapped up in nice wrapping paper, probably expecting his daughter to be annoyed or at least confused by the gift. Instead, Aria was delighted by the banana and shrieked with happiness, handing the banana to her mom to unwrap for her.

To date, the video has been viewed more than 26 MILLION times on Twitter. Mojica’s caption on Twitter reads, “I Tried Giving My Daughter The Worst Xmas Gift Ever & I Didn’t Expect This Reaction ?.” Let’s take a look at the video.

Because the video went viral in such a huge way, other parents shared funny videos of their kids getting bananas as presents.

This kid was also pretty stoked about this development.

Someone compared it to this very popular Vine video.

In an interview, Mojica talked about how much his daughter loves food: “I could give her a cookie right now, and she’d go crazy. But she definitely loves bananas. There are random nights when she wakes up and is like ‘banana!’”

Mojica is a content creator on YouTube and said that he and his wife will be including Aria in more videos.

He said,

“We actually hid her face for an entire year, but she has so much personality, even as a baby, that we started filming her because she’s a big ball of good vibes.

To have my daughter be a part of this now, it’s amazing.”

We can’t wait!