True story: when I was in college, I frequented the nearest Taco Bell so often that the employees could fill in my order just based on the initial sound of my voice over the drive through speaker. I found this so embarrassing that I had to take my habit to the second nearest Taco Bell, where I was mortified to find many of the same employees taking shifts.

I should have taken a page from the students at Penn State, who, rather than hide their burrito love under a bushel, proclaimed it loudly and passionately, in the form of a vigil.

The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s campus newspaper, reports that a much-beloved Taco Bell location close to campus unexpectedly shut down, prompting computer science major Prajesh Patel to create a vigil for the fallen franchise via Facebook. The event was originally supposed to be “a meme,” he says, but as it gathered attention from hundreds of potential attendees, it turned into a bittersweet reality.

Patel himself dressed as a burrito. Students brought candles, signs, and portable speakers, over which Sarah McLachlan’s “In the Arms of an Angel” can be heard in videos from the event.

Former employees of the now defunct Bell also came to pay their respects.

Things got a little cheesy. And beefy. And zesty.

There may not be too much the youth of American can agree on right now, but we can all come together for this.

Never forget…

The guy dressed as the burrito is everything.

Now twitter is paying their respects to the respects-payers.

Very punny, Twitter!

Much respect….

No word yet on how they’re all processing having to head to the next closest Taco Bell, which, according to Google Maps, is about 2 miles away.

What restaurant do you love enough to hold a vigil for?

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