If you can’t get drunk with your friends in person, it turns out you do have an alternative – a little thing called Zoom that almost no one had heard of before we were all forced to largely “see” our friends and family online.

Now, I’m told it’s main purpose is to facilitate work meetings and classroom settings and the like, but I’ve gotta say…Zoom hosts a pretty killer happy hour, too.

A fact that these 15 people know for sure after having just a little too much (virtual) fun with their friends.

15. No, but I have demolished an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

I win, obviously.

14. Always know where your mute button is.

It’s the first rule of Zoom Club.

13. Why would you ever regret that?

Except for the fact that no one has money right now, I mean.

12. You’re definitely not alone.

It’s just that not everyone is admitting it on Twitter.

11. It’s not *technically* drinking alone.

But still, you might want to keep an eye on yourself.

10. That ‘oops’ doesn’t feel super genuine.

Nor should it.

9. This kind of made me tear up a little bit.

So yeah. I’m raising my hand, too.

8. I’m probably talking to my long-distance friends more now.

I hope we keep it up once this is over.

7. It is the way of our people.

Since this year and forevermore, we are destined to be a hermit folk.

6. Honestly either one sounds like a solid use of your time.

Wings are always a good idea, though.

5. I mean consequences are pretty vague these days.

My throw pillows are super judgey, you guys.

4. You “forgot.” Sure, sure.

I’m not judging you, I’m giving you a silent high-five.

3. And you have good enough friends to take screen shot.

That’s something to be celebrated, if you ask me.

2. I love that journey for you!

But if you’re not invited to any more happy hours we obviously all know the reason.

1. I’m frankly impressed that you mopped the floor after getting drunk.

Assuming you listed those things in order, of course.

As someone who has gotten drunk with friends on Zoom (or at least tipsy), I salute you all.

Have you found ways to virtually have a good time with your friends? Tell us the stories in the comments!