Remember a year or so ago when people were eating Tide Pods for social media likes and we had to watch whole campaigns and packaging changes that were meant to discourage people from chowing laundry detergent?

Good times.

Now, though, Glenlivet wants you to eat a little pod…of whiskey.

These pods are not, of course, toxic (at least not until you eat too many of them), and the seaweed-based delivery system is actually super good for the environment.

I mean, Glenlivet isn’t going to save the world by putting whiskey shots into instantly degradable packaging, but hey. If you ask me, companies taking a minute to consider sustainable options is a good thing.

That said, these whiskey pods coming on the heels of the Tide Pod thing have the internet shook – and not necessarily in a good way, even if we are talking about bite-sized booze.

Some people just can’t get past the comparison.

While others wonder whether this will cause a backslide into people eating everything in a pod (again).

And then there are the ones who just can’t resist a good opportunity for a joke.

Yeah, these are good…

I can’t stop laughing!

All in all, the consensus seems to be that we will still consume the alcohol, but the delivery system, while good for the environment, might take a while to catch on with humans.

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