I don’t have a whole lot of crazy “how we met” stories from my relationships. With maybe one notable exception, it’s pretty much just been “I do theatre and she does theatre so we met doing theatre.”

I wish I had some more memorable romantic anecdote to pull, like the one in this tweet:

Or the ones in the myriad of replies that followed:

10. So driven

Next stop, marriage.

9. Take me home tonight

Well, I guess that’s that.

8. Lap it up

When I do that I just get slapped but OK.

7. Look out for her

Buddy you better look out for you.

6. Dude had game


5. Wait, how?

Don’t hate the player.

4. Do the math

I, too, am a little bit lost.

3. Breakdown break ups

Driving in cars with boys.

2. Grandpa Chet

Peace out, ya’ll.

1. I’m sorry?

She’s quite the wing lady.

I guess you never know where or how love might find you!

Do you know any cool real-life “how we met” stories?

Tell us in the comments.