Human beings are pretty amazing creatures. We’ve got these huge brains and the opposable thumbs and all that good stuff that allows us to basically take over the planet. But we’re faaaaaar from perfect.

Biological evolution doesn’t produce perfect creatures, it just produces creatures. Those that are well suited to their environment are more likely to survive and pass on their genes, but it’s still just a matter of “what design is good enough” rather than “what design is flawless.” Reddit user anam__cara took to r/AskReddit to dive deeper into this with the question:

What is the greatest design fuck up of the human body?
byu/anam__cara inAskReddit

There were over 21 thousand comments, so, safe to say we’ve got more than a few issues as a species. Bear in mind, since Reddit is anonymous there’s no way to know the level of expertise behind each of these comments, so, don’t take any of it as gospel.

If you think something in here might be relevant to your experience, be sure to talk to a doctor about it.

1. Little too fragile?

I think it’s just too easy to kill us. One stupid, small thing and bam, the end.

– ingeniosusandotiosus

2. This feels like a humble brag about running.

Why do ears have to pick up so much wind noise when you’re running?

Could be improved.

– _____llama_

3. Our bodies need to make up their mind.

Body: Needs Water

Me: Drinks water


– Itz_Mushi

4. Congratulations, you just played yourself.

Anaphylaxis. Your body will choke itself to death in an attempt to protect itself.

– Yoda2000675

5. Why does bad feel so good?

The brain knowing it’s doing wrong but still pushing itself to do it for some dopamine.

– Jack-M-y-u-do-dis

6. Don’t give me a ring.

Tinnitus. Hearing loss, sure. but a lingering constant ringing? f*ck that. That shouldn’t be possible.

– arobotspointofview

7. Some things we should really be better at.

One that stood out to me is when my professor said we are terrible at detecting oxygen levels.

– youngsamwich

8. Other parts of the anatomy seem half-baked.

Fingernails are too damn fragile. Ripped off my godd**n fingernail last week, not fun.

As for toe nails you cut the big one wrong and boy does it hurt after being on your feet a long time.

Y’all ever broke off the entire big toe nail that straight sucks.

– captnstabbing

9. Just. So. ANNOYING.

You can bite the inside of your cheeks and your tongue.

– _Pokeboy_

10. The ultimate irony.

sometimes i choke on water

– SweetPea2009

11. Need a better support system.

Spines and Knees.

The muscle and skeletal systems that are responsible for the whole “walking up right” thing are barely functional and incredibly easy to break.

– IllegitimateLiteracy

12. Oh right, we used to have tails.

Sacrum Bone is just a f*cked up tail and it really hurts if you fall on it

– Prophet_B-Lymphocyte

13. We done gone soft.

We r too squishy for combat.

– someonecomegetme

14. Childbirth is a whole mess.

The fact that since humans started walking on two legs a part of the female population would just straight up die during childbirth because of the stupid Evolution of the hip-bone!

Walking upright was just more important for evolution than fitting those godd*mn babies through the birth canal – thanks nature!

– ruby-soho1234

15. One user uncovered the TRUE reason for this thread.

Aliens taking notes from this post so they know our weaknesses

– MissRevivalArmy

Honestly, I for one welcome our new alien overlords. They can’t possibly screw things up any worse than we have.

What do you think is the biggest design flaw for humans?

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