Regrets are a funny sort of thing. You don’t want to spend all your time obsessing over them – that doesn’t get you anywhere, and it doesn’t help anyone else either.

But rumination aside, there is some kind of inevitable value in being able to look back on your past self and say “I want that part of me to go, and these other parts to say.”

Hard emotional work to do, but probably worth it. Which is why these people submitted their regrets anonymously, just thinking out loud.

10. “Life is too short for fear”

Boy, ain’t that the truth.

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9. “I didn’t think I deserved better”

Everyone deserves something good.

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8. “Then I’d see…”

There’s no use in keeping your feelings hidden all the time.

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7. “If only…”

It can take so long to realize the mistake you’ve made sometimes.

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6. “I wish I never moved.”

The independence is enchanting, but sometimes you’re really just not ready.

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5. “I wish I was a bigger help”

Watching people go in the end is the hardest thing.

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4. “Even though I had the chance…”

To be fair, nobody REALLY could have known that was gonna work.

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3. “I declawed my cat”

It’s a painful thing for kitties. Avoid if possible.

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2. “Instead of splitting”

We do so much for the sake of our kids.

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1. “I really regret being ‘too good'”

You gotta start somewhere.

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It’s good to remember, just don’t let yourself spiral.

What do you wish you could take back?

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