At first, most “friends with benefits” arrangements seem great! No drama, no difficult feelings, no pressure, just people enjoying each other’s company as well as their occasional company.

Seriously, I’m not knocking it. It can be exactly what’s needed sometimes. Unfortunately, humans being the messy creatures they are, it rarely stays ideal for too long. At some point, you’ll either need to end it, or become more than friends. Feelings get caught. Things change. Revelations are made.

And then you take to the internet like these anonymous contributors to tell us all about what happened.

10. “Got deported!”

I feel like maybe you’re focusing on the wrong part of this misfortune, bud.

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9. “She went crazy”

Sounds like maybe she wanted a bit more. Either that or you’re a liar.

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8. “He is AWFUL in bed”

So now you’ve got a sorta friend WITHOUT benefits. Right on.

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7. “He started stalking me!”

That’s when you know things are out of hand.

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6. “Leaked out pics and videos.”

This is illegal in most places, btw. If you find yourself in this situation you should try to talk with council.

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5. “Now I get why…”

There are some kinds of love that just aren’t worth spreading.

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4. “Never works”

I mean, it’s never worked for YOU…

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3. “I get it, he’s hot”

This is the conundrum – if you’re exclusive, you don’t get the rights of exclusivity.

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2. “Multiple times”

Well that ain’t exactly a happy ending.

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1. “My friend found out”

What tangled webs we weave.

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Is there benefit to these benefits?

Have you ever been in a situation like this?

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