If you wanna start an argument, just bring up your interactions with cops and watch everybody go crazy.

Policing in America has rightfully become an extremely contentious topic. But somewhere between the horrific tales of abuse and the breathless recounting of heroics, there are smaller, odder interactions people are having with cops every day, and these anonymous submissions illustrate just that.

10. You got passed

I’ve always hated this sticker? Not because I resent the idea, but because what sort of horrifically insecure man would be provoked by this?

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9. Who do you think you are

Frequently the call of a person who wants desperately to feel bigger than you.

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8. No protection

Pretty sure there are other ways to do that, bro.

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7. Smile, why don’tcha?

People who tell other people to smile should have their mouths removed.

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6. Against the law

He might not be wrong, but he probably should be.

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5. Hot cop

And how did you feel about that?

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4. Get what you deserve

Well then he doesn’t deserve to be a cop, full stop.

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3. Made my day

It’s the little things, I guess?

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2. That’s the ticket

When people talk about privilege, this is what they mean.

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1. Creeper alert

Hey. How about no.

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A lot of those are just way too much. Yuck. Gotta shake ’em off.

What’s the weirdest interaction you’ve had with a cop? Or the funniest?

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