I gotta say, I actually admire people who take on non-traditional relationships. The dating/marriage world is really tough to navigate, and sometimes, it feels like maybe part of that comes from boxing ourselves in with expectations about how these things are supposed to work. Maybe people like me can look to the people in this thread as a way to open our perspectives about exactly what love can be.

Here are 10 (anonymously submitted) insights from people in very non-traditional relationships.

10. Friends with benefits

Sounds like a good time, honestly.

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9. No one knows

At least you’re being open with each other!

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8. Ex machina

You treat each other…terrible? Yeah, I’m not sure that does work actually.

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7. Asexual

Have a mildly unwild time!

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6. House husband

Perhaps you should propose to him?

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5. One step too far

Spill all the entire tea, please.

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4. Dirty flirty

I think this sort of fetish is pretty common, actually.

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3. Poly matters

Ok, I know “fwb” means “friend with benefits,” but what’s “fb?”

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2. Polyphonic spree

When you know what you want, you get it.

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1. Roommate rules

Now arguments about who needs to do the dishes will take on a whole different tone.

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At the end of the day, the kinds of relationships adults choose to have are entirely their own business. And I think – hope, honestly – that someday soon, these are the types of things that won’t need to be whispered, because we’ll have truly learned to live and let live, and give respect even to those we don’t necessarily understand.

Have you been a part of a non-traditional relationship? What was it like?

Tell us all about it in the comments, if you’re comfortable.