The older I get the less sure I am that life is so much about the pursuit of happiness as it is the pursuit of comfort.

Like. Just leave me alone. Quit bugging me. Quit putting me in situations like these:

What instantly makes you really uncomfortable?
by inAskReddit

What are some of the little discomforts that the people of Reddit would like to do without? Let’s find out.

1. What did I do?

When you’re walking around a store looking for something and the security guard follows you…

– Chemical_Nose

2. Oh right, the tag.

When someone I don’t know or who isn’t a regular at the retail store I work at calls me by my name

(I’m a cashier and yes I know I wear a name badge)

– Xndrito

3. The phantom rage.

When someone is clearly angry around me and it could be because i might have done anything wrong.

– Finalgamer2019

4.This is why I can’t watch The Office season one.

Second hand embarrassment.

I can’t watch other people embarrass themselves on live TV sometimes even shows or movies.

I automatically feel bad or embarrassed on their behalf.

– NoMorePeopling

5. Keep it down.

Couples arguing in front of their guests.

– flash17k

6. Where’d you go?

Taking a dump, feeling like there’s more, but nothing comes out.

So I sit waiting because my body doesn’t feel ready to get up.

– kurt_go_bang

7. See no evil.

Having to see myself in a zoom call

– rumbleinthejungle66

8. Just got a little racy in here.

Sex scenes in audiobooks

– andra_maenus

9. Calm down.

Seeing people being aggressive on the road.

Not just bad driving. Cutting off people on purpose, brake checking, racing, flipping off, getting out to have words at traffic lights.

I’ve even seen a few physical fights between drivers where traffic was delayed and cops came to the scene.

– Kaladrax182

10. The worst.

Wet socks

– Zomgojira

11. Just being a jerk.

When someone acts rude with no reason

– Revolutionary-Ad3085

12. What a diva.

When people start to sing, I’ve dated a couple of choir girls and they all thought they were the best singers, it’s awkward AF

– beefyiceman94

13. Let it all out.

When someone shouts anything when I’m in public.

No matter if someone gets angry or if people are just having fun, I’m easily startled and try to get away from it as soon as possible.

– KingBow5er1255

14. Sorry about that.

Having a slightly large amount of shopping and people waiting behind me in the queue for the checkout


15. I’m the best and I know it.

When someone doesn’t laugh at a clearly hilarious joke I make.

– Flying_sky_bear

Try to avoid putting people in these situations and we’ll be well on our way to a happier world.

What little things make you uncomfortable?

Tell us in the comments.